Our Mission


Expedition Orange Mission Statement

Expedition Orange uses horse and rider to raise national awareness and bring support to Vietnam veterans and their families suffering from Agent Orange exposure.


A Brief History of Agent Orange

During the Vietnam War, Agent Orange was a toxic herbicide the US Government used to kill foliage making it easier for our troops to see through the dense jungle canopy. During the war, the US military dubbed its use of Agent Orange as “Operation Ranch Hand” in which the adverse effects of its use on our veterans were unknown at the time.

It is unknown how many veterans have and are currently suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, as it was not tracked by the US Government for decades. Today, many believe over 400,000 Vietnam veterans are currently suffering from their exposure and tens of thousands have already died.


Expedition Orange Goals

To raise national awareness for the issue of Agent Orange exposure and the resulting illnesses.

To meet and interview veterans, family members, doctors, and experts in regards to Agent Orange and its effects.

To create a Video Documentary of the rides and interviews which will serve as a tool to help expand outreach, while also serving as a resource tool Vietnam veterans and their families can use to find assistance.

To support disabled Vietnam veterans living in veteran homes across the nation through funded activities. Expedition Orange wants to make sure Vietnam veterans never feel they are alone and receive a proper welcome home through our “Orange Bandana Salute” campaign.

To work with the U.S. Congress to create the first ever Toxic Exposure Medal of Military Merit.

Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of changemakers.